my expendituresNOTE: I built this app in 2018, and I stopped publishing updates, so it is now deprecated on the stores. The app was available on Google Playstore for Android devices, and Micrsoft store for Windows devices.

My Expenditures is an application that provides a simple and unique approach to the problem of managing your expenses and income. And Optimizing your way of spending your money. Also, by analyzing your expenses and income, it will provide statistics on how you spend your money, and what you gain or spend the most money on. All these statistics are made available by the application on different criteria which you are free to select (like getting statistics on a given period, or for a given budget). Also, you can get alerted each time you spend your money above a threshold that you determine per budget.

Playstore Presence

The “My Expenditures” app was present on play store as from 2018. This is what it looked like on Android phones and tablets.


Microsoft store presence

I also built this app for the Microsoft store. It was available on every device running on Windows 10 or later. This is how it looked like.    


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