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Damien Doumer Kake
Damien Doumer Kake

Hi, What’s up? I’m Damien Doumer T.K, I’m a Full-stack .Net developer from Silicon Mountain in Cameroon. I’m actually based in Paris, France.

Thanks to my world-class software engineering skills, I have the power to plan ideas (mine or yours) and materialize them into real-world solutions. Materializing people’s thoughts and dreams into impactful, Robust, Well-Architected, and Fault Tolerant software is my passion!!! My Tools are Everything Dotnet (ASP.net core, Xamarin, MAUI…) and Flutter.

As a first-generation immigrant in Europe who comes from a very modest background, I’ve learned to lean primarily on my skills, hard work, and my ability to learn fast and adapt. I understand what it feels like to constantly have to prove oneself, and to work twice as hard as my peers to get similar or better opportunities. Hard work, resilience, dedication, team spirit, and rapid adaptation are some of the skills I’ve built throughout my career.

Thanks to my fascination for computers, I taught myself how to code in high school, fast forward to today, and I earn a living by doing what I love the most. I keep learning every day, to keep myself at the bleeding edge of my field. I live by my credo “Learn, build, share, and innovate” You can witness this through my love for learning, building, and sharing what I learn with the world on this blog.

I love Tech, Mangas, and Football. I learn a lot of cool stuff about tech every day, and my community activities earned me several Microsoft MVP awards (from 2019 to 2021). My objective as the author of this blog is to distill what I learn into content that is easily understandable for anyone who needs it (Learn, Build, Share, and Innovate is my credo). This blog; Cool Coders and every other content I create is the materialization of my efforts to impact positively a lot of people. And I do so with the posts about tech from me and any other author on this blog. For any special inquiries, Here are my emails: damien@doumer.me and damiendoumer@gmail.com :-).

In addition to my interest in tech and software engineering, I’ve been learning about Web3, Cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and its innovations. I decided to make a series of articles about it and dive deeper into what this innovation can bring to humanity. I’ve also gained much interest in entrepreneurship and I love studying great people who had a phenomenal impact on this world. I decided to make a podcast where I distill what I learn while studying these heroes and other hot tech topics. The podcast is in French because I think French-speaking people (Almost everyone around me speaks French as a native language) are kind of behind the English-speaking people, especially in Africa where I come from.

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