Resolve image loading error in Xamarin Forms

Hello everyone, I had an issue in my Xamarin.Forms project a while ago. The Issue was I could not load images from URLs into my Xamarin.Forms application. I was quite annoying, since on UWP, it loaded seamlessly. I tried using this cool plugin to load images in a better way, but I still had problems loading images from the internet into my app ?. It was quite annoying and I had to figure out what to do to solve this stuff, how could such an unexpected problem just happen to me magically. After asking Google, browsing Stackoverflow and Github issues, I realized many people had the same issue and some hadn’t succeeded in solving it. But as usual, the answer is hidden there somewhere and you need to find it.

If this is an of what you get in you project output, then you are at the right place:

I had this because I was loading the image from an SSL URL (https:// …), due to this I could load the image. Resolving it was not that difficult, it was finding a solution which was. What you should do is that on android, settings modify your settings for selecting the HttpClient and TLS implementations as stated here by James Montemagno.  Right click on your android project, select properties, Go to Android options and click on the Advanced button.

image loading error xamarin

image loading error xamarin advanced options

Change the HTTPClient and SSL/TLS inplementation to Managed and Native TLS 1.2+, Build and run and now you should be able to see your image loading without any problem.

Check on this article to have more information about securing web requests.

This is a short blog post, but it may be helpful to any one having this issue and needing to get around it as quick as possible.

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