Raspberry pi Jam Camer

Raspberry pi Jam Camer

Raspberry pi Jam Camer

How we celebrated Raspberry Jam in Cameroon.

On Saturday the 3rd March, my friends and I celebrated for the first time in central Africa, the Raspberry pi’s birthday (Raspberry pi Jam). This was at the occasion of Raspberry pi’s 6th birthday. The event took place at Nsimeyong in Yaoundé and started at 9am prompt.

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The Industrial Robot Arm ?

We had planned several activities and presentations at the eve of the event, so as to assure ourselves that the event will be very successful. Most of the attendees where secondary school students willing to learn about the Raspberry pi and what could be built with it others where university students or graduates willing to know what the raspberry pi was and what it was capable of. The majority of our audience were not acquainted with the device, but this did not impact the event negatively, instead it made the event more interactive since the attendees where willing to learn. Here are the activities which we carried out during the event.