Hello everyone. Today I decided to make a small post about a problem which has annoyed me seriously last weekend, and how to resolve it. I make this post for those who may have encountered this issue and don’t know how to resolve it. I also go a little bit into the details of how I battled with it. But you can quickly jump to the solution in the last paragraph.

I built an app with Xamarin.Forms and I was in the phase of releasing the UWP version of the app to the store. Following the normal path which anyone should follow in order to deploy an app to the Microsoft store. I had to build the application in release mode. Then create the app package, certify the app package and deploy to the store. Everything went normally, till I reached the point of certifying the application’s package ?.  I encountered an unusual error message. which was : Microsoft.Net.Native.Runtime .2.1-rel not found. 

This error made me confused and I was wondering what I could do about it. I Googled as usual, but due to my mood, I was kind of blind to any solution I came across. Later, I decided to deploy the packages to the store anyway (Not the best idea I know). After doing that I still received the same error messages from the store : Microsoft.Net.Native.Runtime .2.1-rel not found .But after several hours, I cooled down and came across this answer. Which made everything clear.

The answer basically said : Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime .2.1 is not yet supported in the Store. But mentioned it was supposed to be supported a few days from when that answer was posted. That is to say, It should already be supported by now. It also mentioned this document which shows the .Net Native releases for UWP. But the most weird thing was that despite what was said in that post, I still had that issue. Both when certifying my package or deploying it to the store. Finally I figured out that downgrading the package : Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform. From the version which I installed which was (6.1.5) to version ( 6.0.8 ) This resolved the issue and I could run the app certification kit on my packages. And deploy them safely to the store. If you have a solution for this too, please mention it in the comments.

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