Raspberry pi Jam Camer

Raspberry pi Jam Camer

Raspberry pi Jam Camer

How we celebrated Raspberry Jam in Cameroon.

On Saturday the 3rd March, my friends and I celebrated for the first time in central Africa, the Raspberry pi’s birthday (Raspberry pi Jam). This was at the occasion of Raspberry pi’s 6th birthday. The event took place at Nsimeyong in Yaoundé and started at 9am prompt.

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The Industrial Robot Arm ?

We had planned several activities and presentations at the eve of the event, so as to assure ourselves that the event will be very successful. Most of the attendees where secondary school students willing to learn about the Raspberry pi and what could be built with it others where university students or graduates willing to know what the raspberry pi was and what it was capable of. The majority of our audience were not acquainted with the device, but this did not impact the event negatively, instead it made the event more interactive since the attendees where willing to learn. Here are the activities which we carried out during the event.


Android camera app with Xamarin.Android

android camera xamarin

Hi everyone. A few days ago I was willing to implement camera functionalities in my Xamarin.Android application, as usual I went around to get info how to implement this on the internet, and here is a small sample which demonstrate how to build a simple camera app with Xamarin.Android which captures an image and saves it on your mobile device. Most of the knowledge I used in building this sample is gotten from this documentation.

Here is the code for this app.

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Xamarin.Forms Resolving System.Reflection.TargetException

Setting an image in your Xamarin.Forms project is easily done when setting the image as embedded resource since instead of having a copy of the image in each application’s file structure the image file is embedded in the assembly as a resource. According to this documentation, it is done easily as follows:

I succeeded in adding images into my Xamarin.Forms projects using this method a while ago on earlier versions of Xamarin.Forms. But recently, I got an issue when trying this again on Xamarin.Forms and .Net standard 2.0 as my shared project. This issue was System.Reflection.TargetException. This was a pain in the ?. But, it wasn’t that difficult to resolve.

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Build a smart Android app with LUIS and Xamarin Android

Xamarin.Android AI NLP

Xamarin.Android Natural language processing android app with LUIS

Hi everyone,

I was working on an android project which required NLP (Natural Language Processing) for interpreting a set of vocal commands in a smart way (AI, a little bit like Cortana, Alexa…). This may seem a little bit difficult from the first point of view but with all the tools which are available to us right now, it is a lot more simple than what you may think.

After making a few researches on the internet, I succeeded in implementing this functionality in the Android app which I was building, and here is an app which has just that functionality.

The source code for this app is found here 


Build a cross platform mobile app for your chat bot.

Xamarin.Forms + Bot Framework + MVVM

With Microsoft’s Botframework, you can build a chat bot which runs on several platforms (Social media, websites…). Now think about Xamarin.Forms with it, you can build apps which run on several platforms too (iOS, Android, UWP…). Thanks to the DirectLineClient, we can build custom clients for our bots. In our case, the client will be a Xamarin.Forms app. (meaning your bot can be available on iOS, UWP, Android… and also Facebook, Skype Telegram…) This means you can be everywhere with just a bit of code and this is Awesome! 

Our main objective

Our main objective in this tutorial is to build a simple Xamarin.Forms application which will communicate with an already existing chat bot (built with the Botframework and hosted on Azure). All that using the MVVM design pattern.